Bekaert Group Executive

The Bekaert Group Executive assumes the operational responsibility for the company’s activities and acts under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The executive management team is chaired by Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer.

The composition of the Bekaert Group Executive has changed in 2016

On 29 June 2016 the Bridon Bekaert Ropes Group - a merger between Bekaert and Ontario Teachers’, the previous owner of Bridon – began business. Bruno Humblet, former Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Bekaert Latin America, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Bridon Bekaert Ropes Group. Bruno Humblet has stepped down as a member of the Bekaert Group Executive.

On 1 july 2016 Ms. Beatríz García-Cos Muntañola joined Bekaert as Chief Financial Officer. She has become a member of the Bekaert Group Executive and a member of the Board of Directors of Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group.

Beatríz García-Cos Muntañola, Spanish national, has obtained a Master degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Barcelona in Spain. She started her career as auditor with Audigest SA in Barcelona and worked 13 years at PPG Industries Inc in Rubi, Spain, as Accounting, Tax and Finance Manager before she moved to Vestas Wind Systems in 2006 where she was Finance Director for EMEA and Latin America. Beatríz García-Cos was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Mining business of Trafigura Pte Ltd in 2012.

Stijn Vanneste has been promoted to Executive Vice President Europe, South Asia and South East Asia and became a member of the Bekaert Group Executive in of April 2016. Stijn Vanneste joined Bekaert in 1995 and has taken up several international management positions in the Group before his most recent position as Senior Vice President Manufacturing Excellence.

The Bekaert Group Executive consists of 9 members and is composed as follows:

  • Matthew Taylor, CEO
  • Beatríz García-Cos Muntañola, CFO
  • Lieven Larmuseau, Executive Vice President Rubber Reinforcement
  • Curd Vandekerckhove, Executive Vice President North Asia and Global Operations
  • Geert Van Haver, Chief Technology Officer
  • Stijn Vanneste, Executive Vice President EMEA, South Asia and South East Asia
  • Piet Van Riet, Executive Vice President Industrial & Specialty Products
  • Frank Vromant, Executive Vice President Americas
  • Bart Wille, Chief HR Officer
 Matthew Taylor      
 Beatriz Garcia Cos  Lieven Larmuseau  Curd Vandekerckhove  Geert Van Haver
Van Haver
 Stijn Vanneste  Piet Van Riet  Frank Vromant  Bart Wille
Van Riet
The composition of the BGE will change in 2017

After having served Bekaert over the past 8 years, Bart Wille, Chief Human Resources Officer, has decided to leave the company to pursue new opportunities in his career. The nomination of his successor will be announced in due course.